You don't often get something for nothing, but here are some of my thoughts in writing and in audio ...

Life is NOT happening to us. We create our lives. We have complete control of our mindset and actions. We need to take personal responsibility for where we are, how we live our days, what our tomorrows are going to consist of and how we are going to handle the challenges.

But first, we need to learn how to overcome fear and anxiety. People don't reach their goals, can't change their tomorrows, can't find their dreams due to fear and lack of confidence. Les Brown refers to F E A R as False Evidence Appearing Real. What is the benefit of allowing fear to hold us back? Fear kills dreams and it kills hope. It makes us old.

So, life is not happening to us - we are creating our lives. Les Brown tells us to ask ourselves the following questions:

Think about these questions. If you can't answer these questions then consider why. What is holding you back? Add these to your daily affirmations:

Don't let your anxieties or your fears become a mountain. Instead of creating mountains of pressure find a mountain of peace. Find a mountain with an outstanding view and start working towards your dreams. Looking at the view puts you once step closer achieving beyond!

Let me share the story of my mountain ... and let me help you with yours ....

Click on the audio links below.

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