Career Coach

Leanne started her working life as a Branch Assistant within the Australian Government, before being promoted to Senior Executive Assistant and then Executive Officer to the Australian chief Veterinary Officer.

During the thirteen years she spent in the Public Service Leanne learned that success and happiness within the workplace was a choice and that with the right tools, mindset and emotional intelligence anyone could create a great career. While with Government Leanne had the opportunity to coach and mentor others through career, team building and creating management partnerships and it was this extra role that encouraged her to step outside the box and establish Achieve Beyond.

Using a variety of coaching methods, communication techniques, project management and self awareness tools Leanne can career coach you to achieve greater job satisfaction and a career path to be proud of, while helping you to strike a good life balance and sense of worth both within and outside the workplace.

Leanne specialises in coaching administrative support staff with a focus on the Executive Assistant sub-group.

"Leanne mentored me a few years ago when I entered the Australian Government as a temporary junior level Executive Assistant. I had dreams of going beyond the EA stream and knew that I wanted to eventually enter middle management in an area that fulfilled my need to help animals. She coached me through the development that was needed to achieve this goal, she taught me how to balance patience with persistence, and was always available as a sounding board for new ideas and plans. She also encouraged me to apply for jobs that were outside my comfort zone. She taught me ways to achieve certain outcomes but most of all she helped me believe in myself and my own abilities. I am now a senior Policy and Project Manager of the Animal Welfare Branch and have achieved great success with projects such as managing the development of the Regional Animal Welfare Strategy for Asia, the Far East and Oceania and the Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock. And I am only 29 years old! I have achieved so much and totally recommend Leanne as a mentor and coach."

Kristy M, Canberra, 2009

"I first met Leanne when she was coaching and mentoring a team of Executive Assistants to achieve beyond the traditional role of a secretary/typist. She encouraged me to look outside the box at my role to see that I could create a career for myself as an EA and get paid accordingly. I found her coaching style simple and really easy to follow, but most of all she made me realise that we are in full control of our careers and it is up to us to make our jobs happy and fulfilling through personal development, goal setting and eliminating limiting beliefs. I went from being a branch level EA, to Policy Officer with the Office of the Chief Veterinary Officer, and my wage has increased by more than 50%. Leanne also became a trusted friend, and shared valuable life experiences, growing my confidence as an individual."

Kelly P, Canberra, 2009