Business Coach

Leanne uses emotional intelligence, success techniques, project management plans and a network of business experts to coach people in business.

Leanne specialises in small home-based businesses and can help you focus your mind, find your direction, identify next steps and call you to action. If your business is larger and well established, Leanne can assist with team building, participative management and conflict management.

Leanne also has some experience in business plans, business proposals, strategic planning and change management.

If there is any point in which she is lacking in knowledge, Leanne has the networks and contacts and can point you in the right direction. She will never take on something that is beyond her capabilities - her main focus is your success and finding the right fit for your business is her primary aim.

"Leanne is an excellent coach and I am very grateful to have found her. She has been able to help me clarify my business goals, while at the same time guiding me towards new ones. She is able to see the 'bigger picture' and supports me to grow both professionally and personally. I really appreciate Leanne's professional attitude, as well as her sensitivity and dedication. Leanne genuinely rejoices with my successes and helps me celebrate my wins - big or small. Thank you Leanne, for your support and guidance. You are indeed a blessing."

Irene S, Canberra, 2009

" I felt immeditately comfortable with Leanne at Achieve Beyond and found her coaching style and advice easy to follow, uplifting and extremely well directed. I went from having ideas and firing in many directions without a target to having a set and refined plan that helped me to see the next step and all of the steps that followed to lead me to goals I want to achieve. Thankyou for shining the light on my cloudy path."

Janelle R, Canberra, 2009