Working with Children

Leanne's dream is to help as many children in the world as possible believe in their own power. That's a big dream! To this end she writes children's books in the positive pyschology genre. She is also about to launch a product line aimed at helping kids with their confidence, resilience, health and fitness. You can find out more at

Leanne currently works with children within the school system on an "as needs" basis in the learning support unit. In addition to providing teaching support she is the Principal Adviser for a Canberra-based cheerleading squad which she established in 2008 to assist primary aged children with their self esteem. What started as a squad of 13 little girls has grown to a squad of almost 100 competitive cheerleaders (boys and girls) who compete at a state and national level. The squad now has a committee of coaches, assistant coaches, managers, coordinators and administrators with the hope that it will run well into the out years. Leanne has been instrumental in the strategic development of the program.

Based on this work (and because of her overall philosophies) Leanne has been hand picked to be the Canberra Liaison for Sirens Cheerleaders, a national cheer squad spanning all age groups from 3 years of age right through to adults.

In addition to working with cheerleaders, Leanne mentors children through life, school, sport, bullying and friendships.

For more information about her books go to the Achieve Beyond Press page.

"Leanne, I would like to express to you my gratitude for your part in the wonderful self growth my daughter Isi has experienced over the past 12 months - you have helped to give Isi a strong sense of belief in herself and a strong sense of belief in her ability to be a valuable team member.

With your guidance and support she has been able to enter competitions with courage & pride but most importantly she has been able to enter the competitions with a real sense of enjoyment, knowing that her contribution has helped enable her team to be very deserving winners on the day!

Thanks Leanne for volunteering some of your time to Isi. It is with the positive influence of women like yourself that help give our precious young girls the essential life skills and tools they need to grow into happy, strong, and self confident women of the world!"

Alisha, Gungahlin ACT ,2010

"Leanne, I'd just like to thank you for the amazing life changing experience that Kara has encountered through the Year 4 cheerleading activities this year. As you know, Kara lacked belief in herself leading up the competition earlier in the year. Your amazing ability to connect with her and the way you instilled so much courage, confidence and self discipline in her, managed not only to get her through the competition process, but also allowed her to be a part of a winning team!!. I'm sure the other girls parents share my thoughts and we so much look forward to the future of the team and this wonderful sport, and are honoured to have you as such a dedicated coach."

Rachel H, Canberra, 2009